What is it?

It is a system where event organizers can use to help to answer the first question that expositors and sponsors make, how do you find me? They are 4 format dynamic banners highly used in website, email, newsletters and social networks, which, the final user can personalize with his number of stand/ table/ suite.

the Brand of your event is present in media Online.Mobile.Social enhancing your digital marketing and helping the event’s SEO through the traffic referred to quality.

From google’s point of view, the referred traffic is beneficial because it adds legitimacy or flow of trust to your webste. The flow of trust is a number of 0-100 that shows how trustable a website is based in the quantity of other trustable websites that point towards it.

Why is it different to other traditional banners of events?



It makes companies to use event banners as they are included in the campaign.


Because the main asset of a company in an event it is localization.


It is automatized to make measurements of performance in Google Analytics.


It is interactive, different and free for the final user.


How does it work?



Choose the indicate plan of events
  • Create an account
  • Define the amount of projects to create
  • Define the languages to use
  • Define the URL to where the banners will point to
By creating your account we send a detailed document of instructions for the use and personalization of the system.

Banner design

Design your banners en these 4 measurements, following the technical specifications to let free the space to be personalized for the final client.
  • Leaderboard - 728px x 90px (websites, email, newsletter)
  • Medium Rectangle - 300px x 250px (website, redes sociais)
  • Wide Skyscraper - 160px x 600px (websites)
  • Facebook - 600px x 315px (redes sociais)
  • Recommended format .gif
Once the banners are designed you upload them to your project.

Promote the service

  • publish the link generated for your Project within your webpage or as an external page.
  • let your service be known by participant companies
The final client only has three steps
  • add the number of your stand, table or suite.
  • copy and paste the obtained code or download the images and your link.
  • apply these images or the code in: Website, - Social network, - Digital Marketing Campaigns, - in your email sign

Use analysis

We generate UTM_links (source-medium-term-content-campaign) for each banner created in the system.

Access your Google Analytics’ control panel and in the acquisition section you will be able to see the result of your campaigns and the performance of the different banners.


Does your event use the measurement system?
Do you have any idea of what this is about?
Have you ever seen statistics of digital behaviour of your event?

Lets get to work!


  • 4 Banners*
  • Static or animated
  • Unlimited exhibitors
$0,99 /per event, per year


Wire transfer

*does not include banner design
If necessary we can gladly quote it.

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